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So, I did a thing. 

As some of you may or may not know, I am a little bit obsessed with traditional folk songs and music. Most of these songs that you hear are lovely, but very cis-white-straight-male-able-bodied-etc. centric. So this is a new project that I've started, to compile (because I believe there must be some old trad songs out there), to edit (because some only need a little tweaking and it's always good to see things from a different perspective) and to write (in the traditional style) folk songs that are diverse!

What do I mean by diverse? I am thinking of intersectionally feminist, LGBTQIA+-inclusive, disabled-inclusive, people-of-all-races-inclusive songs. Things that you don't hear about so often in folk.

This is NOT a project just to collect feminist folk songs (i.e. songs about straight white cis women empowering themselves). These songs are great and are not excluded from this, but there IS an established feminist folk canon. This project is to be heavily focused on LGBTQIA+ people, disabled people and ethnic minorities. (And any other minorities/underrepresented groups that my brain has missed out.)

I want to welcome anyone and everyone to this project, regardless of how much time/support they give and regardless of what experience they're coming from!

PEOPLE WE WANT: folk song experts, programmers, performers, singers, writers, academics, translators, artists, people who can help promote this, and anyone who is interested!

I'm really excited about this project and I would love people to get involved, so please join, share, follow and spread the word! Thank you so much! 

The wiki can be found here, and the Facebook group can be found here.

Thank you!!! :heart:

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  • Listening to: some classical piano music on Radio 3
  • Reading: Sorceress by Celia Rees
Hi, dA! It's been a while. I finished a first draft of a story just now; it's 10k words and crappy and needs total deconstruction and rewriting, and stopping just as I type the final word to pat myself on the back and let myself kick around on social media for a while probably isn't the best attitude for a writer to have, BUT it's the first thing I've actually finished for absolute ages, so heigh ho. I'm happy. If I finish it nicely, I will probably submit it somewhere, if everywhere rejects it, it will probably go on dA eventually. :XD:

I'm trying to get back into writing. It's a slow process. I have been doing some non-fiction writing as a reviewer for the folk music website Bright Young Folk. You can read my first review here, if you're interested. Writing non-fiction to a regular schedule is slightly strange, but also pretty fun, and it's great to have a regular (if unpaid) writing gig!

In other news:

– I met Vigilo!!!!! For real. Like, in real life. She is amazing and wonderful and lovely and we went to museums and had hot chocolate and basically Vigilo is the best, and you should all go and read her poetry if you haven't already.

– Also I'm meeting IndigoSkyes and WyvernLetDie on Wednesday!!! :la:

– Weird anecdotes from jobhunting: I apparently can't apply to be a trainee pizza chef because I'm too short. They want people over 5'6" (I'm 5'4") for health and safety reasons, allegedly. Why?!?!

– If you haven't listened to the Good Omens radio play, you need to.

– I got a sheep onesie for Christmas. I'm not sure my calling in life is to be a sheep, but we'll see how this goes.

– People who know me might know that I've been more or less living in Spain (with a lot of travelling) for the past five years. Now that's over, house is sold, I'm living in Sheffield, UK with my partner, and my family are soon to come to live here too! So lots of big changes. While I'm kind of sad that it didn't work out in Spain and I never integrated very much with the community, I am enjoying the hell out of living in a city. :la: (And especially because it's pretty close to the countryside so I can go out into the Peak District when my countryside upbringing demands fulfilment.)

I can't think of very much else of importance, and it's approaching my bedtime, so I'm going to sign off. I hope you've all had wonderful holidays/Xmasses/New Years/whatever you celebrate, and that all is good in your lives. :heart:
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  • Reading: Salmon Fishing in the Yemen
Urgh, dA is being weird and won't let me post journals.


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Artist | Literature
United Kingdom
profile picture by my lovely sister, Atlantihero-Kyoxei :heart:

Hola. I am Sol. :) Procrastinator, musician, vegetarian, home education child and supporter, one who needs to exercise more brevity, rambler, traveller, vegetable and cheese maniac, freedom advocate, leaves brain-asploding long comments, speaks English & a bit of Español. :heart:: writing, music, books, blue, the sun, delicious veggie food, happiness, high places in the wind, the early evening, the sea, the smell of the earth in the sun, change, the forest, friends and family. I spend perhaps too much time daydreaming in proportion to living. I have always wanted to fly and I have a strange obsession with potatoes.

Potatoes rule. :iconanimefaceplz:

I joined dA in Nov. 08, and didn't use my account for a year. Started using it largely due to my wonderful friend K-LFraction joining. Now I'm stuck here for good and hugely grateful to this community for all it's done for me. :heart: I write short stories – mainly fantasy, sci-fi and abstract prose, but I'll try anything – and occasionally poetry. I want to publish a book some day, but for now, I'm just enjoying the journey of writing.

I love making new friends. Say hi. :) I love concrit/critique on my stories. Will critique most things (lit – although I'll try anything else!) – shoot me a note. :note:

My inbox is generally in a state of overflow and I go hacking through it with a virtual machete when I can (it's not quite as violent as it sounds, promise), but I have to take it slow for the sake of RL and my sanity. :lol: So please don't feel I'm ignoring you if I take six months a long while to reply to comments or anything else – I'm not, but a lot of my time on here is taken up with group admin duties. I love long rambly comments, it just might take me a while to ramble in return. :hug:

:groups: I'm a Director in theWrittenRevolution, which is full of the most wonderful people and basically my dA family :) – you can note me or any of the other admins if you have questions about the group.
(And I highly recommend the group. :eyes: we're going to take over the world :la:)

:ninja: my twitter

Life is not about the destination, but the journey.

The world needs more smiles. So have one. :)

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